Voice Over


Voiceover includes narration, voice acting and announcing for interactive media, online training and games. The professionals who voice new media content are referred to as voice talent. The talent consists of a wide variety of male and female voices in a range of languages and styles. Voices are chosen and  their delivery is tailored to suit the precise needs of a particular project.

Voiceover Services:

reelPlanet offers rapid-turnaround voiceover services to suit all client needs. We feature a library of voice talent in all styles. Begin by choosing voices from the demos in our online talent pool. Then simply send your scripts to us and we’ll do the rest. Your completed audio will be delivered in the format of your choice via email or from our client server. In many cases we can provide your voiceover within 24 hours.


Our current offerings include voices in English, Japanese, Hebrew and Spanish. We are happy to source talent in other languages upon request.


$75 per page (250 words – includes one voice actor)

$25 per page for each additional voice

All voiceover is delivered in finished form.


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