reelPlanet Sound Bytes

Dub reggae with Trumpet 

Mid Tempo Driving Rock

Dark Driving Rock with Vox 

Indie Acoustic AKA Sting Ballad with Strings

6/8 Ballad with Strings/Piano

Funk Big Band style with Vox

Contemp RnB with Vox

Uptempo Big Band Soul

Funk House with Vox

World Music with nylon string

Dark styled Drum and Bass with Rhodes

House Groove with Vox

Surfing styled Chilled House groove with Trumpet

Afro Beat Fusion aka World Music with Trumpet and Rhodes

Contemporary Soul Blues with Vox

Acoustic with Delay Interlude

Moody Acoustic Interlude

Stoner Jazz with Blues Guitar

 music soundbytes include both solo and collaborative compositions

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