Mixing is the art and science of balancing all film audio components (called stems). These include: dialog, Foley, sound effects, score and soundtrack. Mix engineers use a variety of specialized tools and techniques to resolve sonic problems in each stem. Mixing also involves creative enhancement to emphasize key sonic elements.


reelPlanet offers comprehensive film audio mixing services to the highest industry standard. A professional, high resolution mix ensures optimal balancing and processing of sound elements within each stem and for the film audio as a whole. Our workflow guarantees:

• Dialog that sits clearly and naturally in every scene

• Foley that is convincing and realistic without drawing unwanted attention

• Larger-than-life sound effects that are sure to impress

• Score and soundtrack that work seamlessly with your cues

• Rapid turn-around to ensure that production deadlines are met

Stereo and Surround

We can mix your film in stereo and 5.1 surround sound. Output formats include: WAVE, AIFF, Dolby Digital (AC3) and DTS.


$50 per hour.

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