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A score is music that is composed specifically for individual scenes of a film. The score is written to cues which follow the mood and action of each scene. Traditional scores were orchestral performances recorded on a large sound stage. Modern scores are often orchestral, but may also consist of any number of musical styles. A soundtrack differs from the score in that it typically consists of preexisting works that are merely licensed for use in the film. The soundtrack most commonly appears in credits and trailers, but it can also compliment the score in particular scenes.


reelPlanet will create a score that is a perfect match for the cues in each scene of your film. From minimalist instrumentation to full orchestral works, our composers and arrangers are ready to provide the perfect musical complement to your visuals.


Our vast library of music in all genres is available immediately to be used in your soundtrack. We can also create a custom soundtrack upon request.

The Precursor Difference

Our attention to detail and rapid turn-around ensures that production standards and deadlines are always met.


$50 per hour for original score and soundtrack. Minimalist Scoring $150 $75 Ensemble Scoring $250 $100 Orchestral Scoring $400 $150

Minimalist Scoring: $150 for the first minute and $75 dollars for each additional minute.

Ensemble Scoring: $250 for the first minute and $100 dollars for each additional minute.

Orchestral Scoring: $400 for the first minute and $150 dollars for each additional minute.

Rate Card: Please download our Service reelPlanet Rate Card 2013 for prices on all our services.

Licensing fees for library music vary on a per-project basis.

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