reelPlanet Music

production house is a cutting-edge recording studio and online mixing and mastering facility guided by a strong philosophy. Advances in digital recording and distribution technology at the dawn of the 21st century have fundamentally altered the way that music is created and consumed. Large, costly sound recording studios and physical media (CDs, DVDs, etc.) are in rapid decline. The democratization of recording and distribution has given music artists vital control over their creations. Independent music is the future of our industry.

reelPlanet Productions has supported these innovations from the outset. At a time when most recording studios were up-in-arms over digital technology and file sharing, we viewed these developments as a tremendous opportunity. Over the last decade we have put our philosophy to the test in our recording studio. Our experienced team of audio engineers and music producers will provide you with the production, recording, mixing and mastering services that you need to create a great recording, at any stage in your musical career. Select an item from the menu above to discover how we make this happen.

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