Automated Dialog Replacement (ADR) is a film audio post-production technique. ADR is used when dialog from the location recording is of insufficient quality to be used in the final audio mix. Actors are brought into the studio to re-record their dialog in a manner that is as similar to the location audio as possible, but of superior quality.

ADR Services: The Precursor Difference

reelPlanet offers leading-edge ADR services. Whether you require a few lines replaced or dialog for your entire film, our workflow will be a perfect fit for your project.

Our ADR process features:

• An environment that will ensure great performances from your actors

• High resolution signal path and recording for optimal quality

• Perfect synchronization via sophisticated digital editing tools

• Rapid turn-around to ensure that production deadlines are met


$100 per hour.

Rate Card: Please download our Service Rate Card for prices on all our services.

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